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"What we have experienced this year in our partnership with the Upper Canada Choristers is a precious form of music-making. Here we have singers from every generation coming together, not out of compulsion, but for the simple joy of sharing their love of singing. Our students have experienced the extraordinary pleasure and support of being surrounded by a full range of vocal sound. Our boys in the Man Choir have learned to rejoice in their own voices and vocal range within a community of supportive male singers – what a wonderful experience for them, and what wonderful role models these gentlemen are for our young people. From the bottom of my heart I wish to thank Laurie Evan Fraser and every member of the UCC for this wonderful opportunity, and to thank-you, the extended community of support, for being our audience this evening."

Catherine West
Swansea School Music Teacher
Senior Associate Connexionarts
Head of Orff Instruction at the Royal Conservatory of Music


"Dear Upper Canada Choristers' Board of Directors:

Please accept my sincere thanks for a wonderful experience on Friday, May 10.
The students, parents and staff of Montrose were thrilled by this opportunity to sing at Grace Church on the Hill and to sing with your wonderful choir as well. The students and parents continue to comment on how impressed they were with this event.

Of course special thanks to Laurie for her wonderful mentorship of myself and the choir. Her patience, especially with the labour difficulties we faced this year, was very much appreciated. In addition, her generous and fine accompaniment of our choir is outstanding, and so valued by all of us at Montrose.

The kind words and warm welcome of the choir were also wonderful. We felt very at home in the space and were made to feel that we were a special part of the evening. The UCC members who took a Montrose student under their wing to play a part in the MIcMac Lullaby, of course Jacquie and our triangle player (Jacinto) were all so enthusiastic and helpful, we appreciate all of their efforts.

The beautiful floral bouquet that you gave me at the end of the performance was and unexpected treat, and were a great reminder of the lovely evening we had together.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful event, all the best for many fabulous seasons to come!

Susan Wieler
Montrose Public School



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